Yogathon was a great success

Third Annual Tipi Camp Yogathon

By Melanie Faith Scruton

Eliza tree pose

Eliza Gooderham tree pose

On Sunday, January 8th, 2012, we held our third annual Tipi Camp yogathon fundraiser. This year we were fortunate enough to have Self Design High on Victoria Street, downtown Nelson, offered free to us as a venue for the day. Many thanks to all that made that happen for us.

What a great new space this turned out to be for our event! With many hands we made short work of transforming the alternative school’s space into what we needed it to be for the big Yoga day. There was a check in table upon entering the facility and up a long, narrow staircase was the ‘yoga room’ that could comfortablyn hold around 50 yogis and an instructor. When one had had their fill of postures and/or meditation, they could venture up another short set of stairs to the Tipi Camp Cafe where they had their choice of scrumptious, healthy lunch items for purchase, sweet treats to nosh on, Bobby O’s famous chai for sipping and many other delectables to tantalize senses. There were tables to sit and eat at while catching up with old friends or some sofas to

karuna at the tipi camp

Karuna Erickson at the tipi camp

lounge on with new friends. It was a fantastic opportunity for many of us to come out of our winter shells and re-connect with our community. After lunch and before afternoon classes commenced, Peter Duryea, one of the co-founders of Tipi Camp, took us on a guided inner visual journey that touched many and spoke to that special place in all of us, rekindling the fires of hope and compassion for ourselves and for all life on this planet and beyond.

On the financial front, our goal every year is $8000;  this year we raised a total of $5280.95  in pledges/donations and we are so grateful for the effort put forth by everyone who participated and contributed to help make this happen, yogis and instructors alike.  Many families will benefit from these funds raised and this will ensure that no child or teen will be turned away due to financial limitations. January can be a hard time of the year for folks to continue to give extra cash and these troubled economic

Peter Duryea and Kootenay Lake in the background

Peter Duryea and Kootenay Lake in the background

times we are encountering are no exception, but we feel that this event is such a beneficial way to begin one’s year: to consider giving outside of ourselves and our own needs feeds our spiritual, emotional and physical bodies in a truly amazing way. When we participate and/or contribute in events such as this, our community inevitably becomes healthier and stronger as does our own self-esteem. We learn that our actions can create positive results and the ripple effect of this in our lives is necessary for us to move forward and evolve in a good way.  The Wilderness Immersion for Self Esteem program is a great opportunity for Youth and Kids to connect with Nature, themselves and their alias, they will remember this positive life experience forever and carry it with them through out their lives drawing on their new developed strengths.

Anna Colin

Anna Colin

To all the good people that contributed to make the 2012 Yogathon the success that it was, Tipi Camp tips it’s hat to you and takes a great bow. We look forward to seeing you at the camp this summer and in the meantime, wish you a happy and playful remainder of winter.

If you’re interested in coming to a workshop, sending your child or youth to one of our camps or simply helping out at the camp this year,  there are many opportunities for volunteers, please, feel free to  get in touch with us all contributions are appreciated.

You can contact Sandra Bernier @ 250 505 3173 or e mail or check out our website for a full list of workshops and events.

May the seeds we imagine and create in the short days of snow and ice be cultivated in the spring by earth and her elements to flourish and provide us with a bounty as our seasons unfold.