Why a Yogathon

Tipi Camp hosts many varied retreats throughout the summer, but the heart of the camp is the WISE camp for children and teens. These Wilderness Immersion and Self-Esteem camps were the impetus for this non-profit organization. For more then twenty years, Founder and Chairperson of the Guiding Hands Recreational Society, Peter Duryea has provided a place for children and teens to immerse themselves in nature. At the children’s program, ages 9-12, the kids get to experience and trust new aspects of themselves through games and gentle challenges.

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The natural environment encourages opportunities for learning, cooperation and fun. During the teen mountain camp, for ages 13-16, counselors lead the group into the Purcell Mountains where they learn to live together in nature. There are countless opportunities for the teens to discover themselves, and to develop respect for each other and the world they share.  Many children receive bursaries for these programs, allowing the camp to be available to those who need it.

Thanks to last years yogathon and a few other fundraisers we were able to start an exciting new program for young adults aged 17 – 21  in 2011; This 11 day mountain adventure program leads young people to discover who they really are and provides them with the tools to express this new sense of self in effective ways. This first edition of the discovering and leadership program has been a great succes.

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Approximately 50% of the children, teens and Young adults who attended the WISE Programs in the summer of 2011 were from the Nelson area. It is our wish to increase the knowledge of the surrounding communities about Tipi Camp so that more families, their children and young adults can participate in the WISE programs and enjoy the pristine beauty of Tipi Camp.

Tipi Camp is a non-profit organization that runs with the efforts of many folks volunteering their time, energy and skills, but it also relies upon the benevolence of other foundations to bolster the coffers. All proceeds go to our bursary program for low income families to be able to send their children and teens to Tipi Camp

Every year the camp puts out a wish list of needed supplies that would contribute to the smooth running of the camp. Most years the funds available fall short of what is needed and each year the camp relies on fundraising from within the community. At the top of this year’s wish list is a new boat, a new propane hot water tank, funds for further development of the new Young Adults Program. the camp would be delighted to receive kayaks, tents, hiking boots, rain gear, new or used life jackets, hiking equipment, rope etc.

Print your pledge sheet now: Pledge sheet Yogathon 2012

We are always looking for volunteer labour to help out at the camp for pre season set up and odd jobs. Please contact us at or call 250 505 3173.

We look forward to joining together at the third Yogathon in what will be a fun and rewarding day and take this opportunity to thank our ever supportive communities for their kindness and generosity.

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