A Day of Yoga and Dance

Tipi Camp hosts its 5th annual Fundraiser in Nelson on Sunday Jan 26th at the Anglican Church Hall, 723 Ward Street (on the corner of Ward and Carbonate) in Nelson.  9.30 – 6 pm with yoga and dance and from 8 – Midnight an All Ages Dance Party!

This year we are having a day of Yoga and Dance!

It begins at 9.30am with 1 hour of Rise and Shine Yoga with Mikaela Morgan, Dance Church at 11am with

Tipi Camp Fundraiser Poster A day of Yoga and Dance January 2014

Bernice Raabis and a fabulous lunch courtesy of Mama Jen at 12.30pm.  ‘PartyDance’ with Slava Doval kicks of the afternoon at 2, followed by ‘The 3 Body Workout’ with Shayla Wright at 2.15 and ‘Heart Centred Yoga’ with Karuna Erickson at 4.00pm.   In the evening from 8pm – midnight, three fabulous local DJ’s, Emma Starr, Morning Glory and Cass Rhapsody, will light our inner fire and help shake off those winter blues at an All Ages Dance Party.

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Participants can stay for one class, all day or anywhere in between.  Alternatively, if you can’t make it during the day, join us in the evening for the dance party or come to both!  Spontaneous drop-ins on the day are most welcome and encouraged.  This is a day to suit your needs and the focus is to have fun and raise money for our bursary program.

So what is Tipi Camp all about and why do we have a bursary program?

Shayla Wright

Shayla Wright

Wilderness Immersion and Self-Esteem camps for children and teens are the impetus for this non-profit organization where the natural environment encourages opportunities for learning, co-operation and fun.  During the Teen Camp, for ages 13 – 16, councillors lead the group into the Purcell Mountains where they learn to live together in nature.  There are countless opportunities for the teens to discover themselves and to develop respect for each other and the world they share.  Many children receive bursaries for these programs, allowing the camp to be available to those who need it.  50% of the children and teens who attended the WISE programs in the summer of 2013 were from the Nelson area.  It is our wish to increase the knowledge in the surrounding communities about Tipi Camp so that more families, their children and young adults can participate in the WISE programs and enjoy the pristine beauty and vital life and confidence building skills learned at Tipi Camp.

Donations and grants make this possible so please include Tipi Camp in your annual sharing and giving.


Mikaela Morgan

Thanks to fundraisers in the past, we have been able to start an exciting new program for young adults aged 17-21 in 2011.  The eight day mountain adventure ‘YA! Program’ guides young people to discover who they really are and provides them with the tools to express this new sense of self in effective ways.

Pledge Sheets and why they work!

Pledge sheets are a vital aspect to our fundraising effort.  Imagine what can happen if every person who shows up to our Day of Yoga and Dance brings a little, or a lot, of money in their envelope!  Who knows what fundraising heights we can reach.  Every little bit helps, (no contribution is considered too small), as loonies, toonies and $5 bills add up fast.  We all know this from our own piggy bank experience!

Print your pledge sheet now: Pledge sheet Yoga/Dance Fundraiser 2014

It’s simple. Take your pledge sheet around to family and friends asking them to support your participation in the event by sponsoring you to attend.  You can inform folks that their money  goes directly to the camp.  For those who live far away donations can also be made through PayPal. To make a donation now, click the Donate Button.

Karuna at Tipi Camp

Karuna Erickson at Tipi Camp

When you arrive at the Anglican Church Hall, hand your pledge sheet in with the sponsorship money, make your own personal donation with cash or cheque and take in a class or spend the whole day with other people who love yoga and dance and wish to support Tipi camp.

For more info contact
Sandra @ 250 505 3173

picture Slava

Slava Doval