Yogathon for the Tipi Camp

Eliza tree pose

Eliza Gooderham tree pose

On Sunday, January 16th, Tipi Camp is hosting its 2nd annual Yogathon in Nelson. It was a wonderful day last year and was such a beautiful embodiment of our community and all it represents. The day begins at 9.30 with a class led by Anie Boudreau from the East Shore, followed by Eliza Gooderham from the Valley. In the afternoon we will be guided by Ally Bogard, Shayla Wright and Karuna Erickson. Yoga classes will be for all levels, so anybody wanting to have a day of practice or to support the camp is welcome to attend. Participants can stay for one class, all day or anywhere in between.

Snacks and lunch will be available to purchase, with all proceeds going to the Camp.

A slide show presentation of the camp and the WISE Programs will take place at 12.45 pm hosted by Sandra Bernier, Operations Manager and with Peter Duryea, the founder of Tipi Camp.

The event takes place at the North Shore Hall from 9.30 am – 5.30 pm and will be a day filled with fun as well as a place to rejuvenate with the practice of yoga.

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karuna at the tipi camp

Karuna Erickson at the tipi camp


Ally Bogard

Shayla Wright speaking

Peter Duryea and Kootenay Lake in the background

Peter Duryea and Kootenay Lake in the background