Yogathon for the Tipi Camp results 2011

Eliza tree pose

Eliza Gooderham tree pose


The tally on Sunday from the yogathon (23/01/2011) was $5400.

The sense of spirit that was present throughout the day was quite beautiful and each one of you gave so generously in spirit to Tipi Camp. I have had some wonderful correspondence from the yoga community and from the five lovely women who led classes.  All were so touched by the amount of people who were there, a rare opportunity to connect in one space with so many people that we love.
About 70 people came through the day.  Some stayed for one class; some for quite a few classes; some came for lunch and to watch the slide-show presentation.  Thanks to Peter, one of the founders of Tipi Camp, for being part of the day.  Such storytelling is a gift and one to cherish.  Peter has the ability to bring the essence of Tipi Camp right in to our hearts and many were moved to tears on Sunday.  Peter, you shared your heart and it was felt by all of those present – such a gift.
$5400 this is an incredible gift for the camp and for the bursary program.  Many children and teens will benefit from the money raised at this event.
We thank you for being a great big part of it all.  All those connected with Tipi Camp are very, very grateful.
Peter Duryea and Kootenay Lake in the background

Peter Duryea and Kootenay Lake in the background

Here are some comments that have been passed on via email in regards to the Yogathon…..

“It was a very beautiful and loving day. I truly feel blessed to have participated.
Thank you for this opportunity for our community to be together in such a powerful way, and for us as yoga teachers to offer yoga from the one heart.”  (Karuna)
“I was so happy to be there yesterday, and to connect with Peter. I felt like I really received the essence of who he is and I am still feeling it today.
And we yoga teachers have been exchanging emails today about the gifts of being together, all in one spot and one event.”  (Shayla)
“What a beautiful day to be a part of! Thank you!” (Eliza)
“What a great event! Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of it. My fondest memory of Tipi camp is You! Your kindness and understanding allowed me to move towards my True Self. All of you at the Camp are amazing. Let me know whenever help is needed.”  (Anie)

Many thanks to ….

karuna at the tipi camp

Karuna Erickson at the tipi camp


Ally Bogard

Shayla Wright speaking

Many thanks to those who generously gave their time and support to this wonderful event – the yoga teachers, the organizers and the volunteers.  There are too many to individually mention as it was a collaborative, collective effort which is exactly what Tipi Camp is all about.
If anyone is interested in helping us with camp set up in late spring or would like to volunteer in any capacity we would love to hear from you.   Please fill out the volunteer form on this website or call Sandra at 250 505 3173.
See you at the third annual Yogathon next January 2012 or out at the camp this summer!