WISE MUSIC  July 28 – 31, 2018


The WISE Music program is a 4-day 3 nights introduction to music camp. Youth aged 13-17 spend 4 days exploring percussion, string, and wind instruments along with songwriting and vocal lessons.

Participants will be immersed and supported within a wilderness setting, working cooperatively to ensure a safe and rewarding experience for everyone. Experienced local musicians will guide workshops to help students cultivate their own specific musical interests, and students will learn about the importance and power of music by looking at the history of music, the evolution of instruments and building simple instrument using the environment around them. They will be exposed to many instruments such as ukulele, acoustic/classical guitar, acoustic bass, flutes, several types of percussion instruments, songwriting, and singing. No musical experience is required but a keen interest and passion for music is a must! You are welcome to bring your own instrument as well, to teach and collaborate with others. During the camp, students will also take part in canoeing, hiking, swimming, cliff-jumping, team building games, free play, storytelling and campfire sing-alongs.

Three vegetarian meals per day and baked desserts and snacks are provided. In case of injury, a qualified first aid attendant accompanies the group at all times.

The goal of the camp is to connect students with the art of music and explore their inner talents, while collaborating with other musicians, in the supportive natural environment we call home.

Cost is $425 

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