Water Taxi

Peter Duryea with guests in the water taxi, with the shoreline of the peninsula in the background

The water taxi transports guests into the camp on the arrival day and out on the final day of workshops. Depending on the number of guests the taxi will make as many trips as needed to get everyone in and out. Ideally we would like to fully fill the taxi with guests and their luggage so not to make too many trips.

Guests are to sign the Guiding Hands waiver provided by the Boat Driver before departing from the Lakeview.

During the workshops, unless the weather is very bad, the Camp Boat Driver will usually make at least one trip per day in and out of the camp to pick up supplies, make compost/dump runs etc. If a guest, for any reason, wishes to leave the camp during a workshop, all requests for going in and out or special pickups can be reserved for these regularly scheduled trips. Due to the high cost of gas and wear and tare on the taxi, we discourage special, unscheduled boat trips. For any special, unscheduled trips, Guiding Hands will charge a fee of $20 per trip to cover expenses.

The water taxi is operated at the discretion of the Camp Boat Driver. In case of inclement weather, where the lake is very choppy with waves crashing in on the shore of the bay, for the sake of the safety of the staff and guests, it is deemed too dangerous to launch the taxi.

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Water taxi in full action

One of our experienced boat drivers