Accomodation Guide

Water Taxi

The water taxi transports guests into the camp on the arrival day and out on the final day of workshops. Depending on the number of guests the taxi will make as many trips as needed to get everyone in and out. Ideally we would like to fully fill the taxi with guests and their luggage so at not to make too many trips.

Guests are to sign the GHRS waiver provided by the Boat Driver before departing from the Lakeview.

During the workshops, unless the weather is very bad, the Camp Boat Driver will usually make at least one trip per day in and out of the camp to pick up supplies, make compost/dump runs etc. If a guest, for any reason, wishes to leave the camp during a workshop, all requests for going in and out or special pickups can be reserved for these regularly scheduled trips. Due to the high cost of gas and wear and tare on the taxi, we discourage special, unscheduled boat trips. For any special, unscheduled trips, GHRS will charge a fee of $20 per trip to cover expenses.

The water taxi is operated at the discretion of the Camp Boat Driver. In case of inclement weather, where the lake is very choppy with waves crashing in on the shore of the bay, for the sake of the safety of the staff and guests, it is deemed too dangerous to launch the taxi.


Please be gentle with the foam mattresses. Cover them with the blankets provided to better protect them. Please do not remove matresses from tipis. Do not drag them to the beach or roughly over the bed palettes as this will rip the covers and damage the foam underneath.

Please request the Camp Manager to make any adjustments to the tipi sides, skirting, and smoke flaps. Guests who have undertaken making these adjustments themselves have caused damage to the tipis.

Composting outhouses are provided for the convenience of the guest. Toilet paper should be thrown directly in to the toilet. Garbage cans are provided for sanitary napkins and other trash.

Hot showers can be had at any time. There is also a wash basin provided for tooth brushing etc. outside the shower stalls.

Cell Phone

The cell phone is for Tipi Camp use only. If a guest absolutely must make an outgoing call, they will be charged for cell phone use, or they can volunteer to give a donation to GHRS for air time used. If guests feel that they must maintain contact with the outside world, they are permitted to have personal cell phones at the camp.

In Case of Emergency

There is always a staff member trained in first aid at each workshop. During orientation on the arrival day, the Camp Manager will inform the guests which staff member to go to with any first aid requirements.

In case of serious accident or emergency inform any staff member immediately and arrangements will be made to evacuate the guest.

GHRS has a number of escape plans for guests who have to be evacuated immediately. The most direct route out of camp is by water taxi to the Lakeview store where an ambulance can be waiting to take guest to hospital in Creston. On days where it is too dangerous to cross the lake by water taxi, there are two alternate routes out of the camp to highway 3A, the main East Shore road. The trail along the lakeside through Pilot Bay Provincial Park takes approximately 1.5 hours to walk at a reasonable pace and leads to the trailhead, 2.5 kilometers from the ferry landing. Alternately, there is a marked trail out of the camp along the Homestead Trail which leads to Lime Lake on top of the peninsula. It is a slightly strenuous half hour walk uphill. There is vehicle access to this point.

Suggested packing list/gear

The following is a brief list of suggested items you should bring with you to the camp.

* sleeping bag
* pillow
* rain gear
* good footwear (hiking boots, sneakers, sandals, waterproof shoes for going in the lake)
* light summer clothing
* warm clothing in case of cold weather
* swimsuit
* flashlight
* toiletries
* insect repelant


Caretaker Fees

$20 per day per person, $5 for children under 12 years of age, free for children under 3.

Camp Rental

Please contact camp administratot for private and school booking rates.

All cheques are payable to Guiding Hands Recreation Society and we accept etransfers. Guests wishing to take out memberships or make donations should also be instructed to make their cheques out to Guiding Hands Recreation Society.