Parking Procedures

at the Lakeview boat embarking area

  • Please arrive shortly before your scheduled departure time.  Designated departure and arrival times have been assigned to avoid congestion and confusion at The Lakeview.  We encourage everyone to carpool.
  • Ensure your vehicle is parked in the designated parking for Tipi Camp patrons.  If there is no Tipi Camp sign, it is not the correct parking area!  Please sign your vehicle in at the sign in hutch in the parking area, include the number of guests that are with you.

Camping, Marina and community grocery store The Lakeview

  • Only designated Tipi Camp employees are permitted to drive a vehicle down to the Tipi Camp boat dock area by the beach.  A wheelbarrow will be provided to carry gear to the loading dock.  To get to the boat landing follow the signs from the parkinglot to the stairs on the opposite side of the store. Do not walk behind or around the Lakeview building.
  • Washroom facilities are available.  Please ask the attendant in the store before use.
  • Please respect the privacy of The Lakeview campers and patrons.
  • Children must have adult supervision while on The Lakeview property.
  • Dogs are not permitted.
  • The Lakeview store employees have no information regarding boat arrivals and departures. Please call the Tipi Camp cell phone at 250-505-3173, or check the Tipi Camp Information Board located outside The Lakeview store entrance for any travel updates and general information.
  • If you arrive early, we encourage you to visit the beautiful sights along the East Shore, you can go to the artisans shops (10 minutes north) or go to one of the numerous beaches along the lakeshore, such as the beach at the Gray Creek Hall.  Please do not hang around The Lakeview beach or campers area, as this is private property reserved for the exclusive use of The Lakeview patrons.

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