Parking procedures sandra’s text

The water taxi will begin ferrying at designated times given to you by the program coordinator on the arrival day of the workshop. Please check the ferry schedule to arrive on time for your departure. It is a 20 minute drive to the Lakeview from Kootenay Bay ferry landing, and if you are coming up the lake from Creston it will take approximately one hour to arrive at the Lakeview.

BC Highways and the Lakeview have requested that guests of Tipi Camp not cause unnecessary obstruction of the road in front of the store. There is a limited amount of parking in the lot on the south side of the store. Please do not over load the parking lot. Guests may also park south of the driveway that leads uphill on the west side of the road, but again there is a limited amount of space here, 4 or 5 cars maximum. In the event that these parking areas are full we have arranged with Timbuktu to use their parking lot, across the street from the Sacred Journey imports store, one kilometer south of the Lakeview. A shuttle car can be arranged to bring guests from there to the Lakeview.

When possible, please arrange to carpool with other guests attending the workshop. The facilitator can coordinate carpooling, especially from the North shore and Nelson.

Please park your vehicles at the parking area and carry your bags down to the water taxi launch. Do not drive down with luggage.

Drivers off the vehicle sign in at the TIPI Camp Sign In Hutch.  Include the number of people that have come with you. include the make and color of your vehicle and the number of days guests will be staying at Tipi Camp.

For workshops with large numbers of guests arriving, Tipi Camp will have a summer student helper at the Lakeview store to instruct guests on procedures and to help with luggage etc.