The Earth is My Witness

The Earth is My Witness

Aug. 26-29

This current time of change was prophesized by Native American elders and other indigenous peoples long ago. As our security is shaken and the mind fills with uncertainty and fear, we need to find balance and open-heartedness.

Both Native American and Buddhist traditions are rich in ceremonies, teachings and practices that bring clarity and connect us to the wisdom of the earth. During this weekend we will explore these deep Native American teachings along with the wisdom and compassion practices of Theravadan and Tibetan Buddhism.

The Teachers
Paul Erickson is a psychotherapist and meditation teacher. He has been certified as a Dharma teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Centre in California. He has practiced and taught, and led meditation retreats in North and Central America, South Asia and Bali.

Dr. Duncan Grady has studied and experienced Native ceremony for many years. He was raised in the Siksika/Sauk Blackfeet tradition. He uses various ceremonies/rituals taught by his people to bring concepts into direct experience. He has taught throughout North America and Europe.

Cost: Tipi Camp fee $315 Tuition $200 Total cost $515

Registration and questions contact:

Paul at or 250-229-4793 and Duncan at