How does the Yogathon work?

Pledge sheets are a vital aspect to our fundraising effort here, so please consider the following….

Collect a Pledge sheet

On the East Shore: Mojo’s @ 250 225 3568; Sandra @ 250 505 3173; Branca @ 250 225 3282.

In Nelson: Still Eagle, 557 Ward St, 250 352 3844;

Shanti Yoga Studio, 466 Josephine, 250 352 7703; The Studio, 182 Baker St, 250 352 9196.

In the Valley: Jennie’s Book Garden, Winlaw, 250 226 7066.

Take your pledge sheet around to family and friends

Ask them to support your participation in the event by sponsoring you to attend.  You can inform donators that all monies will be going directly to the camp.  For those who live far away, donations can also be made on our support page.

Take your pledge sheet to the Yogathon

When you arrive at the Yogathon, hand your pledge sheet in with the sponsorship money and take a class or spend the day with other people who love yoga and wish to support Tipi camp.

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