Formation Success

Above & Beyond  Formation success


kootenay formation
kootenay formation

Thank you. Thank you. Thank all 450 of you!

We have never had the pleasure of creating such a massive formation event as on Saturday. Approximately 450 of you, 451 counting the sun, made some thing so beautiful happen and have made us so proud to be a part of such a strong, connected community.

ground picture of the formation

ground picture of the formation

Originally concerned that the weather would be poor and that there wouldn’t be enough people to fill the formation, I recall the sun breaking through the clouds just five minutes before launch and hearing a volunteers voice over the radio “Uh oh.. The lines are packed and people keep coming from everywhere!” All my fears transformed into excitement, as I skirted low over the mall and was astounded at the sight; no less than 500 people packed so tightly onto the lines some rows had become three bodies wide! Though this was clearly the largest formation I had ever done, there was a different type of energy coming up from the soccer field. It dawned on me that this was the first I had done this outside of the school or summer camp context and that all of these people had independently been inspired, ultimately making the choice to be there! This unprecedented level of enthusiasm can clearly be seen in the big smiles, raised arms and precise body alignment in this stunning community portrait.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this photograph will be used to send children from low-income West Kootenay homes to Tipi Camp.

Prints are available in two sizes and priced quite affordably. Find yours at Otter Books and Sacred Journey in Nelson and the Crawford Bay Store on the East Shore.

All proceeds will be used to create bursaries to enroll children from local, low-income homes into Tipi Camp’s (W.I.S.E) program – Wilderness Immersion For Self Esteem

Benjamin Jordan


Above and Beyond fundraiser Tip Camp formation poster

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