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CD “Tribute”

In celebration of our 30 years in operation, the Tipi Camp ‘Tribute” album is now available for free download!

Join Tipi Camps founder Peter Duryea on a journey to the heart of Kootenay Lake. On the tip of the Crawford Bay Peninsula, surrounded by nature there is a Tipi Camp. It’s here that opportunities to connect with yourself and nature abound.


1. Awakenings

2. 1st Nation

3. Law of Attraction

4. Sunsets in June

5. Visualization

6. The Groove

7. Pillar #1

8. The Campfire Song

9. The Grizzly Bear Song

10.Pillar #2

11. The Belly Button Song

12. The Moose Song

13. Pillar #3

14. New Tipi Camp Theme

15. Pillar #4

16. Opening

17. Appreciation

18. Thank You

19. Awake