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Discovering Connection and Leadership, Aug. 19th to 29th August 2014

The YA! Program for Young Adults is a trans-formative experience for youth 17-21 years of age.

This 11 day mountain adventure program leads young people to discover who they really are and provides them with the tools to express this new sense of self in effective ways.

These discoveries not only benefit these young people but also their close relations, their communities and the earth. Each young person emerges from the WISE Young Adult Program with a new understanding of themselves and the capacity to manifest these awakenings in the world that awaits them.

YA! Intro Video 2012

YA! Program 2012 Promo from undine clara on Vimeo.

The YA! Program is an effective blend of the healing properties in the First Nations traditions and the creative aspects of our more modern cultures. Native ceremonies have the power to connect our hearts to our heads, creating a more balanced person. The ceremonies can also heal emotional and mental wounds from our pasts.

YA! Intro Video 2011

The mountains where a part of the Young adults program will be held.

Eleven day Purcell & Selkirk mountain adventure program leads young people to discover who they really are.

Modern tools for personal development include action planning, journaling, creative visualization, leadership training and survival skills. Campfire and recreational activities weave fun with learning.

This is a leadership program with mentorship through Self Design High School.  If the participant is 19 and under and registers with SDH and lives in B.C. they can be eligible to receive 4 high school credits as well as funding to assist with tuition fee.

Interested in the YA! Program?…take the YA! Challenge.