The YA! Challenge

“The YA! Program for Young Adults raises confidence, joins head and heart, and awakens an inner force for leadership in a meaningful life.”

Mountain Lake

Mountain Lake. YA! 2011

Dear YA! Candidate,

As a young adult, you have probably heard rumours about something called your ‘Life’, and different opinions on how to live your own with meaning and purpose.

At this age between adolescence and adulthood, people in our lives ask questions that perhaps seem just a bit unfair: What are you going to do for the rest of your life? Where are you going to live? Are you sure you’re making the right choices?  What are you going to do for the world? If you answer “I don’t know” to any of these questions, you are certainly not alone. So often in our lives today there is little time or space for the inner reflection needed to answer these tough questions.  The Ya! Program for Young Adults provides a supportive group setting that challenges each participant to take a breath, and look inside to discover their own answers that are true to themselves.The YA! Program is a transformative experience, for youth 16-19 years of age.  YA! is an 11 day mountain and lake adventure with a focus on nature immersion, personal discovery and effective self-expression…and creating a personal action plan to ground it all. The mission of the YA! Program is to lead participants to a more in-depth discovery of themselves as a living individual on the Earth, and to provide tools to express this new sense of self in effective ways.  These discoveries will not only benefit the participant, but also their close relations, their community, and the planet.

Join us to discover more of what you really care about. What is your passion?  What are your unique gifts, talents, quirks and quarks? What and who are your resources and allies?  How can you apply your strengths to make a difference?  What is your role as a positive, active global citizen?

If you want the chance to learn more about this ‘Life’ thing, please consider joining us at the Tipi Camp on Kootenay Lake, BC  from August 19 – August 29, 2013.  There are only 10 spaces open for participants each year.

To become a participant, please complete the following steps:

  1. All attendees send their expression of intent to Kootenay Solidify using this application form.
  2. Tell us: “Why you would like to be a participant in the YA! Program”.  You can create this in a number of ways:   a written essay, a video, an audio file, a story board or other graphic representation. As this program is offered to participants on a scholarship, we need to know how your presence on this adventure will benefit yourself and others in the program. Based upon the quality of your submission, WE WILL CALL YOU WITH A GO AHEAD FOR REGISTRATION.
  3. For 4 high school credits and a tuition subsidy, program attendees between the ages of 16 and 19 need to enroll with Self Design High.
  4. Gather a support circle of 5 people from your community to write a recommendation on your behalf.
  5. Find a community project that you can assist when you return from camp.

For questions or more information please contact:  Kate Nott
Phone:  1 250 551 0417, e-mail: