Kootenay Catamaran 2012

Kootenay Catamaran Camp has been canceled.

The adventure begins Monday July 9 @9.30am at Crawford Bay Beach

Soon to be “Super sailors” embark on their 5 day 4 night journey at the first ever Kootenay Catamaran Camp at Tipi Camp.  Highlights include: 5 day sailing lessons with 33 year veteran of Cat Sailing (Ranger Dave Skrobot)

Kootenay Catamaran Camp, cat on one pontoon

Cat on one pontoon during Kootenay Catamaran Camp

Crawford Bay Beach is an amazing location where 4 Cats will be ready to go for the 5 days of sailing—Classic spot because there is steady consistent Southerly winds , warm waters and not as prone to super strong winds like the big lake encounters.

Once lessons and learning concludes each day around 4.00-4.30 we drive and hike to base camp—Camp Tipi where a wonderful environment and great dinner awaits. On the hike to Camp Tipi we will discuss things like wild-crafting, wilderness survival, Plant terminology and wind/water dynamics.

From Monday to Thursday night the late afternoons and evenings will be open and unstructured except for eating dinner, cleaning up and campfires.  The rest of the time the students will make their own fun with canoes, water sports and numerous activities.

We begin our adventures every morning with breakfast, lunch preparation and packing our gear.  From there we will hike and then get shuttled to Crawford Bay Beach where we will rig up the boats and get sailing.

Every day we will learn wind dynamics, boat propulsion, safety procedures, knot tying and a variety of other things—even boat repair!

Friday –the final Day (Aw shucks its last day!) Parents and guests (2 per student) are invited to come to Crawford Bay to sail with the accomplished students so they can show teach their new skills to others (a great way to reinforce the learning)

Guest/parents are asked to bring an item for the potluck BBQ that late afternoon where the students will receive Canadian Yachting Association (CYA) certification, Fun prizes and achievement/participation rewards.


Cost and what you get for your Money:

–  $595 includes boat usage  (Catamarans 2 sails, 2 hulls and fast!)
–  3 meals per day (except Friday and Monday  2 meals )
–  CYA certification (recognized all over the world)
–  Solid instruction, education
–  4 nights at beautiful tipi Camp

(Program limited to 12 participants: age requirement 11 yrs & older – Adults encouraged and welcome to attend.)


Do you want to know more:

Any questions and for registration contact: Dave Skrobot
phone: 403-660-2760  (soon to have new BC number)

For more information on Tipi Camp please call Sandra Bernier 250 505-3173