Family Nature Weekend 2012

Family and Fermentation

Cedar bark creations

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Group work with Cedar strips

Group work with Cedar strips

In a private wilderness setting, a handful of intrepid families will gather along the Kootenay Lake shore and wonder and weave a glorious summer weekend away. Join Peter and Gitta and their friendly Tipi Camp family for a unique gathering inspired by Family and Fermentation! The modern family is a matrix of relations: uncles, aunts, steps, godmothers, pets, tribes, in-laws, extended families and even avatar or “cyber” families. Join the all ages conversation around the campfire marveling, reflecting, crying and laughing about what it means to have family. Basically family is who shows up and who cares and who eats together. And at Tipicamp we eat some awesome cooking together. This is a fully catered event, prepared on site with the mandate of fresh local produce making for hearty vegetarian meals and snacks. Fermentation is like family. They are both a process between the individual and the universe. The art and culture of fermentation keeps a family healthy and happy. So this weekend delves into the fruits of both wild and home cultured fermentations: coffee, black tea, vanilla, beer, miso, yogurt, kafir, tempeh, kambucha, amasake, sauerkraut, cheese, tamari, wine, vinegar, alcohol, bread, chocolate, vitamins and many medicines involve fermentation. Take home a sourdough culture from this workshop and never buy yeast again.

While Peter from Underbelly Farm and the Kootenay Agroforestry Society foments your family about family and fermentation, Gitta Ritter from Labis Creations Yurts and Tipis and Gaia Shifts Community shares decades of weaving design and culture using the inner layer of Western Red Cedar bark . Gitta and her assistants will guide you through the rewarding and meditative process of preparing and weaving cedar bark possibly into a basket, hat, water bottle holder, mat, puzzle, a doll, a rose, rope, binder, or maybe a bracelet… last year someone made a cedar bark hoola hoop!

Along with eating and nature crafting, there is always time for swimming, boating, forest hikes, scissor riddles, Hoola hooping and spontaneous changes of plan because the kids have found a big rainbow trout floating dead in the water and they want to dissect it … change of plan … now trout is getting a viking burial… And so it goes…pebbles between our toes .

To be a part of this event: $200 per adult; $50 per child. + HST

Financial assistance possible.

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