Our contributors

We would like to express our appreciations and gratitude to all the organizations, trusts and foundations that help support the Tipi Camp. Without the help of the following we wouldn’t have been able to organise our kids and teen camps, our family weekends and providing a perfect nature resort for many other retreats. The funds that have been given to the camp have been a big help in providing our services.

We would like all these organizations to be recognized for there generosity and/or service that they provide for the tipi camp year after year. Thank You!

Guiding hands encourage sustainability, environmental educations, volunteerism, first nation participation, global issues, peace talks, nature walks, full immersion in nature, creative expression, team building and the list goes on. We feel valued and encouraged and are honored to provide a much needed service on the east shore of Kootenay Lake.

Thank you to:



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