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The Tipi Camp

The Tipi Camp is no longer operational but stand by for updates on what Guiding Hands Recreation Society is developing. For more information contact

At Guiding Hands Recreation Society we are passionate about providing incredible experiences and we are currently working on a future plan. Watch this space!

Unfortunately the Tipi Camp on Kootenay Lake is no longer in operation, but here are some details of the amazing camp that had been in operation since 1988!

The Tipi Camp is a Nature Retreat on Kootenay Lake, in southeastern BC, Canada.

Tipi Camp’s Wilderness Immersion for Self Esteem (WISE) Camps for Kids and Teens

Looking north up Kootenay Lake. Tipi camp is in the middle of the image

Located on a remote shoreline of Kootenay Lake’s pure, open waters; poised under endless dark night skies framed by the majestically rugged Selkirk and Purcell mountain ranges, the Tipi Camp is more than just a refuge from the increasing demands of our modern world – it is a place where Earth’s natural rhythms gently reawaken one’s sense of connection between self and the cosmos.

One of our many tipis

Fall asleep in a North American tipi, listening to the waves lapping on the shore; wake to the cries of loons and the smell of breakfast being prepared in our outdoor summer kitchen.

Participate in one of our workshops, or let us help in organizing your own workshop or small conference, rent the camp with your friends and family.


No telephones, no dishes, no deadlines!

Nothing but time to enjoy the ones you love most in an idyllic setting. Relax at the campsite, eat in our spacious outdoor kitchen, hike through the changing forest on Crawford Bay Peninsula, explore the lakeshore in one of our canoes, swim at secluded beaches, or simply read in a hammock or nap in the shade – the choice is yours!

Nestled on a bay in an out-of-the-way part of Crawford Bay Peninsula, the Tipi Camp looks south down Kootenay Lake for forty miles. The Selkirk and Purcell Mountains disappear into the distance. From here you can hardly see a sign of human development. This place looks and feels much like it has for thousands of years.


Our low impact approach leaves the land with the least possible disturbance. Tents and tipis provide accommodations that are comfortable and close to nature. Gracious staff and delicious vegetarian meals make one feel right at home. Miles of trails embrace the camp; canoes stand ready.

Our camp features 4 tipis and a large outdoor kitchen. The largest tipi, 25’ across, sleeps 7-8 people. Both the East and West tipis sleep 5-6. A small tipi is reserved for teachers and elders. A 20’x40′ tent with a floor is available by reservation for yoga retreats and other activities.

Nearby primitive shelters allow guests to spend the night immersed in nature. Some spaces for personal tents are also available.

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