The Tipi Camp

Located on a remote shoreline of Kootenay Lake’s pure, open waters; poised under endless dark night skies framed by the majestically rugged Selkirk and Purcell mountain ranges, the Tipi Camp is more than just a refuge from the increasing demands of our modern world – it is a place where Earth’s natural rhythms gently reawaken one’s sense of connection between self and the cosmos. 

Mission Statement

The objective of the Guiding Hands Recreation Society is to educate people about the value of nature and outdoor recreation and to teach individual responsibility for conservation, ecological awareness and sustainability.

Guiding Principles:

  • Support local community well-being
  • Use a low impact approach
  • Cultivate appreciation of nature
  • Provide a venue for events that promote human understanding, healing and enjoyment
  • Create and deliver experiential nature programs for children, teens and young adults
  • Act as advocate for outdoor recreation, environmental education, personal growth and awareness
  • Work toward a sustainable community
  • Encourage First Nation participation